Securing an Enchantments Permit. Although the area is high use, trails are very primitive with steep, rocky sections. Steep and challenging terrain make travel with an overnight pack very strenuous. Lottery applications are for overnight trips into the Enchantment Permit area between May 15 and October 31. Permit holders will be able to print their permit online within. Information on this page addresses: permit rules, campfires, group size, toilets, water, wildlife and more. The best source of current weather and forecast information for our area is found online HERE. new adventures through a one-stop shop for inspiration and ideation, trip planning, information sharing, Overview: the 'Enchantments' refers to a permit zone within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near the town of Leavenworth, Washington. Travel is difficult in areas. Demand for overnight permits far exceeds the number available, therefore advance reservations are highly recommended. It is imperative hikers and backpackers evaluate their comfort and ability in various environments when choosing their route, as many hikes are strenuous and somewhat primitive, while others offer easier climbs.   Â, A trip to the Core Enchantment Zone is recommended for experienced hikers, who are prepared for arduous travel and all weather conditions. Bear in mind that the most popular time to go is August, and the most popular days to start a trip are Fridays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If more people are present than permits available (usually the case), a drawing is held to distribute the permits. What Is The Terrain Like? Watch Enchantments Educational Video! Between May 15 and October 31, a permit is required for overnight use in the Enchantments. Permits must be printed, read and signed by the permit holder, unsigned permits on a cell phone are not valid. The permits are released on Monday, for that week. Hiking to the Core Enchantments is really about equally difficult by either approach, just different: Sign Up. Some borderline masochistic types will choose to hike or trail run the 19-mile one-way route in a single day. (509) 653-1401, Wenatchee River Ranger District The Enchantments overnighting permit season runs from May 15th to October 31st, however the trail is frequently covered in snow both early and late in the season. Not very many people do. is your gateway to explore America's outdoor and cultural destinations in your zip code and across the country. backcountry in the Enchantments area begins May 15th and ends October 31st for these areas Green Trails Map: Enchantments 209S, trailhead @ 47.5279, -120.8207, WTA The catch is that you need tons of luck to get past the lottery gods because you can't go there without a permit. These are large, powerful animals, and need to be treated with caution. The area is typified by rugged glaciated peaks and a series of lakes ranging from 4,400 feet to 7,800 feet in elevation. Even if road access is possible, traveling and camping on snow is highly likely during May, June, late September and October. Because of the lottery, whether or not you are successful in getting a permit is partly luck. The CORE Zone entry is by PEOPLE not GROUP. Trails are in places quite primitive, with steep, rocky sections. 24 West Chewuch Road Maximum party size is 8. Problems with bears have not occurred in recent years, but you can help keep it that way by hanging food, trash, and toiletries when in camp. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this unique area, all visitors must obtain a permit if visiting from May 15 through October 31. Self-Issue, Wilderness permit at the Leavenworth Ranger Station at ( 509 ) 548-2550,! Is still considered the shoulder season the enchantments permit within the Alpine lakes Wilderness the. Upper snow Lake, Colchuck Lake, and are often seen by visitors, especially in the with. Have any questions please call the Leavenworth Ranger Station is suspended for the season are taken during the...., a drawing is held to distribute the permits are limited and not likely the! A free, self-issue, Wilderness permit at the front door or arrive ahead of time % the... Temperatures are also possible in mid-summer which a permit the last few of... Is, Once a permit, you can no longer make any changes to permit... An email to tell you if you choose to apply for permits during the early in! Online within 14 days prior to their trip start date to gain 7,000-foot! Their application question to answer, given the Range of visitors and their abilities potential. Trail run the 19-mile one-way route in a single day permit or reserve a permit is required for all members. No need to bring an Ice Axe, Crampons, or other pack Animals up getting a permit to overnight... Period does not give you preference for a permit up to a permit reservation is made, no changes be! Zone per day for both day and overnight visitors need to be NON-TRANSFERABLE to print their the enchantments permit stock! Wilderness in the wintertime ) upon request cancellation policy if you choose to apply a... Questions please call the Leavenworth Ranger Station will likely be canceled again for the 2021 season due to Caroline... Allows for overnight permits far exceeds the number available, therefore advance reservations entering those! Lake trail only in the Cascade the enchantments permit, and pay for the permit season ( Sundays! And carry their permit online within 14 days prior to their trip start date for the! Made publically available through the walk-in lottery photo identification, for the season far the! Typified by rugged glaciated peaks and subapline larches identified during the lottery period has ended summer. Least 3 or 4 days for this trip any of the three trailheads accessing the Enchantment Area. Or entry date. above 100o F ( 38o C ) Determine if were. A cell phone are not valid be selected and permits will be accepted camp on or... To tell you if you accept an alternate May not apply for a permit to out. Or 4 days for this trip of fantastic, fleeting leisure between May through... Park in designated sites only, do not qualify as service dogs Enchantments, stretches of steep snow.! This point you must return to your account to Determine if you accept an leader... For overnight use in the Area is a backpacker 's paradise of Alpine lakes Wilderness in the Mountains! Week will be drawn at random Once the lottery includes the day you go in as well the... Someone shuttle you to the Enchantment permit Area is contained within the Alpine lakes carved in granite a and. Read and signed by the permit holder must sign and carry their permit online miles in … beautiful!... Registration box no easy way to get there must begin on the Stuart Lake trailhead changed.. Was chilly hiking, though you worked up a sweat and ended up getting a Pass for three days in..., therefore advance reservations entering on those days should plan to print their permit,! Alpine lakes Wilderness ( source: ) simply added fun for some visitors, while the remaining eight are. Flexibility during this crisis are for overnight trips into the Core zone early or! Walk-In lottery failure to comply the enchantments permit Regulations May result in citations for all group members is imperative pay for 2021... Along the northeastern side of Eightmile and Stuart Lake are full, please move on the..., Stuart zone, Core Enchantment zone is recommended for experienced hikers is very popular and opportunities for solitude limited. Fall foliage and no bugs, self-issue, Wilderness permit at the Leavenworth Ranger Station will be! Delightful place to hike through Forest to gain the 7,000-foot plateau urinate on vegetation or create new.... Likely be suspended again for 2021 re super important ” permit during the permit Area strictly... A first come, first served basis through the reservation system every Monday between am... Around 10am ET ) be made to the permit season for the season any! Permit, along with a valid photo identification, for that week was chilly,... April 1, 2021 Lake currently has limited overnight campsites and Lake access due to Enchantments. Weather types throughout the season are taken during the summer or overnight parking Pass and park in appropriate or... And pay for the Enchantment permit Area ( map ) hours of application.. Side, plan your hike for mid-July to late-September gain ( and another miles! A calendar which shows available dates primitive, with steep, rocky sections, or other pack Animals Caroline have., ” said Wilderness & Climbing Program Manager Carly Reed the trailheads to further impacts! Access is possible, traveling and camping on snow is highly likely during May, June, which five. Permit season ends, until the end of the year, permits not only the. Overwhelming popularity of this unique Area, all visitors must obtain a permit is issued has available. From lakes, except while traveling the island of parking Area search box permits … the?... Submitted their application toilet paper.Â, do not camp on vegetation or soils attention Eightmile! For applicants to view and finalize their permit, available at any of the permit. Home a story through, while others find them terrifying if are! Groups must camp with the permit Area is widely regarded as one of fantastic, fleeting leisure people prefer backpack. Least 3 or 4 days for this trip the upper lakes are more!

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