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Business Ultra-Active Brazing

A technique for strong and precise bonding of metal-metal or
metal-ceramic at high temperature without any damaging the base materials

Ultra-Active Brazing
Joining Metal-to-Metal or Metal-to-Ceramic
Excellent wettability and flowability
Joining without Inner Defects
Much Higher Joint Strength than Crystalline Filler Metals
Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
No Need for Metallizing and Plating
  • Excellent wettability and flowability

  • High Joint Strength

Simple Process

  • Mo+Mn / Ni Plating

  • Ultra-Active Brazing

Filler Metals for Ultra-Active Brazing

  • Filler Metal Foils

  • Filler Metal Powder

Applications of Ultra-Active Brazing
Aero-Space Parts
Honey-Comb Panel
Micro-Channel Device
Titanium Heat Exchanger
Ceramic Substrate for EV
Semi-conductor equipment parts (Electrostatic Chuck)
Parts for Medical Devices
Parts for Robots